5 Reasons Why Asynchronous Learning is Awesome

5 reasons why asynchronous learning will change your life ” or at least change the way you learn.


Living in a world where the foundation of our current education system revolves around a model built two and a half centuries ago, it excites me to be a part of a well overdue revolution in learning. Leading an education company that specializes in elearning, we are committed to creating a better way to learn through the power of digital learning experiences.


To correct a common misconception, elearning is not about using technology to digitize old school approaches to learning that have been in place since the industrial age. Advances in technology and innovations in learning and development have created new and better ways to consume knowledge. One of the many benefits of online learning is that it supports asynchronous learning.


So what is asynchronous learning? It simply means interaction that does not take place in real time. We use asynchronous learning extensively because it creates the possibility for a much more effective and impactful learning experience compared to many synchronous learning (learning occurring in one place, at one time) experiences. Of course not all asynchronous learning is created equal, but when it is designed using the right mix of modern pedagogy and innovative digital learning tools it unlocks a new way to learn that has never before existed.


Here are the top 5 reasons why we think asynchronous learning is awesome:

1. Scalability of delivery


A huge advantage of online learning is that it is inherently easy to scale. Once you have created asynchronous learning you can push it out to as many people as you want all around the world. There are no scheduling challenges, geographic barriers or device restrictions.


2. Learner controls the pace

Asynchronous learning allows the learner to access information at their own pace and at their own convenience. Since there is no finite time frame, the learner follows their own schedule and can move at the pace that is best suited to their learning needs.


3. Combine the knowledge of multiple experts into one learning experience

Combine a number of great subject matter experts, teachers and instructors into one learning experience. The knowledge in an online asynchronous course can be built by groups of people to pool together the best of the best in learning.


4. Learning can be built on and improved

When you create asynchronous content, you can continuously refine and improve it as time goes on. In synchronous environments, a learning experience is finite and only happens at one place in time. Asynchronous learning has the ability to grow and evolve into better learning over time.


5. Allows individualization of learning

Each person is unique, and elearning allows us to cater to individual learning needs. The interactivity of asynchronous learning allows you to take the best from one-on-one learning in synchronous environment and create a highly personalized experience for the learner. Asynchronous learning provides the ability to optimize each learning experience for each individual, since digital learning supports all learning styles equally.



For real change in education to occur, traditional approaches to learning and development must give way to the advantages of modern digital learning experiences. Asynchronous learning is just one of many advantages of elearning over traditional instructor led training. Technology allows us to cater to all learning styles, adjust the pace, and enable mass customization, through scalable, localizable learning that supports aligning learning outcomes to business drivers to track measurable ROI.

Join us in reimagining the possibilities that online learning brings individual learners and organizations alike. How could an asynchronous experience improve your training and learning initiatives? Tell us in the comments below.

David Frey

David Frey

CEO and Co-Founder at Learnkit
Dave is the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Learnkit. His life-long passion to create change through education led him to co-found Teach Away, the world's largest international teaching exchange, and Skooli, an online platform connecting students to tutors.
David Frey

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