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3 advantages of custom online training vs. off-the-shelf content

We are privileged to live in a World where we are provided the opportunity to personalize almost every aspect of our lives. From our extra hot, no foam, half-sweet, extra-shot caramel macchiato, to our tailored-made clothing from custom online retailers. We’ve become accustomed to enjoying having it our way, yet we so often neglect to bring these benefits into the workplace.


Today’s business leaders are increasingly concerned with their organization’s rate of learning. With the widening employee skill gaps, it is getting harder and harder to rely on talent acquisition to fill job roles. Organizations that are seeming to rise above this challenge have solved their talent problem through creating effective training programs for their employees.


An organizational culture of learning, that provides the competency-based learning every employee needs to feel supported and be successful is the only modern sustainable competitive advantage. Organizations today need to create scalable learning that is customized to their unique processes, expertise and culture. This means, learning needs to shift from a generalized concept of learning, which is often disconnected from day-to-day responsibilities to one that focuses specifically on learning that impacts business performance. To do this, employees must be equipped with personalized learning that is customized to their organization’s strategy, their job-specific requirements, and their individual learning needs.


Custom online training, 3 advantages of having it your way:


1. Training is on-brand and is a true fit for your business:

A custom elearning approach makes the learning real by tying learning objectives to real-life job scenarios. This helps inspire action and encourage employees to apply the learning. By providing custom online training that caters directly to your business situations and needs, employees will be able to connect the dots. Which means direct benefits to your business’s bottom line.



2. Employee training is aligned to business goals:

When you enroll an employee in a course or sit them down in a classroom, you can’t expect them to walk out with the ability to immediately translate learning into value for the business. However, with custom online training, learning objectives are aligned with business goals and can be directly transferred into the workplace. Custom online training can be weighted to address certain business needs and can be adjusted and re-adjusted as the business changes.



3. Training is globally scalable:

Create learning that is scalable across the business and across geographical boundaries. With custom elearning you are able to cost-effectively translate and localize content for different cultures based on language and regional guidelines and regulations. That means fewer dollars spent flying your employees around the world for in-person training. What’s more, with elearning you improve your ROI every time it is used, while decreasing costs of materials, travel and logistics of in-person training.



Effective learning is the number one weapon for organizations in today’s highly volatile and uncertain market. Employees are required to develop new and different skills and competencies on a day-to-day basis, which means they need agile learning support. Organizations don’t just need smarter employees, they need a team that is better equipped, more empowered and more knowledgeable about their individual roles and responsibilities. The only way to accomplish this is to develop a high-octane learning strategy that aligns learning goals to individual job requirements and bottom line business results.


Is your organization still deploying old school learning strategies? How are you using learning to propel your business forward? We want to hear about your learning challenges and experience with custom compared to out of the box training. Leave us a comment below or connect with us on Twitter @learnkit.

Mitchelle Boyle

Digital Marketing Specialist at Learnkit
Learnkit works with industry leading businesses and top academic institutions to create innovative custom elearning that delivers measurable, real world results
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