3 ways custom elearning can improve restaurant training

Typically, restaurant executives reach out to us when they’re looking to scale and improve their employee onboarding and restaurant training programs by adopting a blended, digital approach. Almost every restaurateur is faced with the challenge of increasingly intense competition, high customer expectations, and retaining quality employees. One of the best ways to address these challenges is through consistent delivery and assessment of an employee training program.


We help leaders in the restaurant industry optimize their training by incorporating online components. Elearning can support and, in some cases, entirely replace attending in-person training sessions, reading manuals, or watching training videos. What’s more, with custom elearning, you are able to bring your brand to life and align learning objectives with your specific business goals.


Companies like Earls Kitchen + Bar choose to partner with us because we provide the best custom digital learning built to drive measurable business results, such as increased average guest check and enhanced customer experience while improving employee engagement.


The following identifies 3 ways custom elearning can improve restaurant training:

1. Consistent, cost-effective and consistent employee training.

Whether you are an independent operator that does not currently deliver training courses, or a multi-chain, multiple location franchise, custom elearning can deliver consistent, high-quality training to all your employees, quickly and effectively. Elearning also allows you to cater to each individual learning style, so while the delivery is cast wide, each experience is personalized to the learner.


2. Ramp up a high-turnover or seasonal workforce with ease.

The restaurant industry has had an issue with high turnover staffing for a long time. You are likely already familiar with the risks of not investing in training your employees, and why it is needed to prevent a the vicious cycle of poor performance, bad customer service, and job dissatisfaction. However, it really sucks when you invest in your employees and they leave you! Custom elearning can help reduce lost spend on training employees who leave because the single investment in custom online training can be used over and over again without additional costs per trainee. With elearning you can provide onboarding and role-specific training to new employees, or refresher training to existing employees as and while reducing training costs. The more people you train, the lower the per head training costs.


3. Reduce scheduling and logistic costs and challenges.

By outsourcing your elearning development, you can roll out a high-quality learning program in a very short amount of time. Furthermore, a digital approach to learning removes the burden of coordinating schedules and accommodation costs (for out of town training programs) for trainers and trainees. Elearning allows your people to learn whenever and wherever they need. Learning is delivered online in bite-sized chunks to maximize knowledge retention. Studies have proven that elearning can reduce traditional instructor-led training time by 30-70% compared to traditional training methods; while also eliminating the typical costs incurred paying for the time, travel and associated with training courses.


A well-done elearning program tracks and monitors the progress of each trainee while keeping trainees engaged with games, interactive reviews, and exercises to help reinforce topics in a fun, engaging and interesting way. Pre and post assessments automatically test, score and record training results, giving managers a deeper look at where their employees need additional help or where to focus on in-person and one-on-one sessions.


While there are multiple benefits of elearning compared to instructor-led training, elearning provides proven advantages for the restaurant industry in educating and motivating their workforce. For more information, book a time to talk to us about optimizing your learning programs.

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Mitchelle Boyle

Digital Marketing Specialist at Learnkit
Learnkit works with industry leading businesses and top academic institutions to create innovative custom elearning that delivers measurable, real world results
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