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Custom elearning development is a powerful tool for creating interactive training materials for onboarding new staff.

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Reduce the amount of time spent and effort

In-person training can take time and effort. Not only would you need to create schedules, book trainers, rooms, and supplies, but you also have to ensure that all training materials are prepared and given to new hires. With elearning, that prep time is essentially eliminated. 
Elearning can create a hands-on simulation of any software that new hires would be using in their new roles. Whether it’s an email platform, company intranet, or a job-specific technology they would be responsible for using, elearning can give them that hands-on experience before they go live in their role.

Create hands-on experiences 

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Introduce a blended learning approach

One great feature of elearning is that it can compliment a live instructor, and make their material come to life. Live class instruction is great when there are lots of questions, and an individual can exhibit the culture of a company in-person. Elearning can help instructors by again cutting down on their prep time, letting learners follow along with their material in an online simulation, and can enhance the overall learning experience.
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