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The Learnkit Advantage

Our unparalleled agile development approach allows us to rapidly produce engaging solutions that tie competency-based learning outcomes to measurable business results.

Proven Learncycle pedagogy creates the most efficient learning in the least amount of time, while maximizing retention and application of new knowledge.

The most engaging, fun and enjoyable user experience to deliver relevant and impactful online learning that not only educates but inspires action to apply learning. 

Whether you want to build a blended learning program, an asynchronous elearning course or explore other ways you can benefit from a digital learning approach we will show you what that can potentially look like.


Partnering with Learnkit enabled us to create an online learning environment that was equally powerful as bringing people together to learn in person. As a global retailer, with over 10,000 employees, Learnkit allowed us to deliver training that was authentically lululemon, aligned to our values and most importantly, conisistent globally.  

Stephanie Corker

People Brand Strategy Director


We’ve partnered with Learnkit to equip our partners (employees) with the knowledge they need to be successful in their roles. Learnkit has played an important role in supporting our commitment to providing an exceptional guest and partner experience through innovative and impactful elearning.


Brenda Rigney

VP of People Operations

We trust Learnkit as our elearning partner. Their fresh, innovative and results-orientated approach has been a game changer for many of the educational offerings at Hootsuite.


Michael Blonde

Business Development Director, Customer Success

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