6 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Elearning Development

How dynamic is your current training? Many companies are learning that outsourcing elearning and online training production can be a very good idea.


Organizations are challenged with adapting to the unpredictable shifts and constant change that characterize today’s business landscape. In order to succeed, employees are required to develop new and different skills and competencies on a regular basis ” which means they need agile and impactful learning support. To address this challenge, we are seeing more and more organizations partnering with external learning agencies to deliver high-quality and innovative elearning solutions.


In this post, we have identified 6 reasons to outsource elearning development to improve your organizational performance and optimize your corporate learning initiatives.


1. Specialized expertise

Having a fully stocked in-house team that is able to deliver a wide range of projects requiring a broad skill set is often an uneconomical luxury for organizations. Working with an elearning development agency gives you access to a full suite of dedicated elearning experts that focus solely on creating the best in modern digital learning. When you partner with a digital learning agency, you have access to a team with a wide range of specialized skills and capabilities to deliver on any project need while staying within a limited budget.



2. Timing

A well managed and reputable external elearning agency can quickly produce high-quality solutions much faster than the average internal learning team. Providing a clear cut schedule of deliverables, a good elearning content producer will deliver a great solution in the least amount of time possible.



3. Organizational focus

Any high-performing business will tell you how critical it is to stick to your strengths and core competencies. By outsourcing your learning you can maintain your organizational focus and resource allocation. Have your people focus on the learning strategy and outcomes since they know your business best, and your elearning partner can extract great content to turn into remarkable, effective and beautiful online learning.



4. Cost-effective

Drive down the costs associated with hiring an extensive and expensive full-time in-house team. Tap into expert elearning development specialists without the associated overhead costs of commitment, recruiting time, training time, vacation and benefits. What is more, by outsourcing your elearning, you can create scalable solutions on demand. A learning agency partnership allows you to spend money when it is needed to ramp up your team quickly, or slow down and put projects on hold without additional cost.



5. Be ahead of the curve

Partnering with an external learning agency allows you to leverage best practices in emerging technologies and trends. Top-notch elearning development companies are always pushing the envelope on innovation, which helps your organization prevent becoming stagnant with your learning solutions. Utilize fresh perspectives, a deep understanding of the functionality and capabilities of new technology and stay on the edge of the latest frontier in corporate learning excellence.



6. Depth of experience

Outsourcing allows you access to instructional design and learning experts who have worked with top-tier brands at the fraction of the cost and with no long-term commitment. Take advantage of your elearning partner’s best practices and case studies with other clients; allow your organization to overcome common obstacles by capitalizing on their depth of experience. A digital learning agency handles multiple clients and diverse projects from different industries, which provides the experience to foresee potential challenges before they arise, and troubleshoot them if need be.


The decision to outsource your elearning can be both strategic and tactical. Outsourcing learning provides similar benefits to an internal marketing team working with a high-quality advertising agency to develop innovative and creative solutions. It is very important to have an internal team that works with an agency to set up a strategy and execute. No one knows your company, content, and business needs better than your internal employees. They can bring a true passion and some on-the-ground knowledge to create a successful elearning partnership.


Outsourcing your learning is a big decision for any company. Done correctly, it can bring plenty of value by putting your organization in expert hands. The key component is to truly know and understand your organization and its needs, so you make the right choice for the future growth of your company.


At Learnkit, we are a full service elearning agency. We work as an extension of internal corporate teams to produce innovative and specialized learning solutions that align with the organization’s unique brand and culture, and are tied to strategic business objectives. Whether your organization is looking to develop new learning initiatives, enhance existing training, or leverage digital learning as part of a blended approach, we can help. Talk to us for a free consultation to learn how we can help you.

Mitchelle Boyle

Digital Marketing Specialist at Learnkit
Learnkit works with industry leading businesses and top academic institutions to create innovative custom elearning that delivers measurable, real world results
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