4 Things We Love About Our New Partners, Saje Wellness

Walk into our Learnkit office and you will be welcomed by a sensational aromatic experience ” thanks to our beloved Saje Nebulizer. We can’t get enough of the essential oils from Saje and we absolutely cannot be more excited about our new partnership with them.


As one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, Saje has stores popping up all over Canada. A secret to their success? They are committed to a culture of learning, both internally by developing their employees, and externally with their customers and the communities they serve. We are partnering with them to help support their growth throughout North America through scalable and innovative onboarding and training for sales, customer service and product knowledge.


Saje is dedicated to connecting people to the healing power of plants through natural remedies and 100% natural products that help the body detoxify and rejuvenate. Passionate about wellness and rooted in community the Saje brand delivers quality, premium products and is committed to delivering the best in customer service and online shopping experience.



Here are 4 things we love about Saje Wellness:


      1. They are educators.

        Saje has absolutely amazing customer service. Their people are extremely passionate about their work and this shines through in every interaction with every member of their team. Walk in to any Saje location and you will be greeted by a store educator with strong product knowledge who is committed to helping you find your way to natural healing. Aromatherapy is a complex field, and each Saje employee has exceptional in-depth knowledge of the benefits and healing properties of essential oils. They use their comprehensive knowledge of their products regularly in their daily lives and are committed to ongoing training.

      2. They are dedicated to making the world a better place.

        Saje’s core focus is on wellness. Their team is living their wellness plan and is inspiring others to do the same. Saje is firmly rooted in their commitment to reduce their environmental footprint and all of their ingredients are derived from safe and renewable resources. As they look to encourage the integration of more organic, natural products and services into our lifestyles, our personal health and wellness will benefit, as well as that of our planet.

      3. They are driven by growth.

        Every individual at Saje is steadfast about developing themselves personally and professionally, and take full responsibility for their actions. They see challenges as opportunities to grow and are always willing to learn, improve and adapt.

      4. The halo effect.

        Their Peppermint Halo Wand is a favorite at our office and works wonders! The essential oil blend comes in handy for easing stress, headaches and giving you a refreshing boost any time of day.


At Learnkit, we are passionate about others achieve success through innovative learning experiences. It is such a delight to share our passion with our clients and help them reach their goals through effective, enjoyable and inspirational learning.


We are so excited to celebrate our partnership with Saje and look forward to having fun achieving big things together. Do you have a favourite Saje product or experience? Tell us about what you love most about Saje in the comments below or shoot us a message on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Mitchelle Boyle

Digital Marketing Specialist at Learnkit
Learnkit works with industry leading businesses and top academic institutions to create innovative custom elearning that delivers measurable, real world results
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