3 Ways Your Employees Benefit from Elearning Solutions

Adapt to your staff’s learning needs.

In my previous blog I discussed how using elearning for staff training can benefit organizations. But what about your employees who are behind the success of your company? Online learning is as equally beneficial for employees, as it is for an organization at a whole. Your new hires receive their first impression of your company within the first few days in training. So why not make their first experience with you something outstanding? Research proves that employees want continuous learning opportunities from their employers more than ever – and learning is one of the most critical ingredients to employee engagement. Take your seminars and traditional PDF learning to the next level by creating an online experience that will attract and engage your staff and their interests.

Below are three concepts that explore how elearning solutions can appeal to your employees.

  1. Accessibility: Elearning training allows employees to be trained from anywhere in the world. International corporations, for example, can use an online course for staff in a variety of locations. An online course can be updated quickly and made to adapt the cultures of employees who are geographically dispersed. Added benefit: Reduce costs by not having to pay for training representatives to travel to various locations, as an elearning training module is a cost effective and suitable for teams located around the world.


  1. Adaptable to Various Learning Styles: People learn at different speeds and in different ways. An online training method allows staff to go progress at their own pace and complete the material at a level that they are comfortable with. An online course gives users the option to pause and repeat content when necessary. Assessments measure knowledge gained from each lesson or module, and provides learners with areas to work on. Elearning training is multimedia based and includes video, audio and text based content that will keep learners engaged with the content.


  1. Suitable for Millennials: The current workplace is made up of Baby Boomers and Millennials. However in the coming years, we can expect to see the entry of Generation Z. Online training appeals to millennials and Generation Z, with new features, such as gamification and progress badges. The use of these elements are rewarding and enticing for learners. By removing tedious seminars and PDF documents, employees can engage with the learning material Adapting your training to accommodate the learning style of your employees.

By eliminating traditional training methods, and migrating content to an online elearning experience, your company will be taking an innovative approach to employee training. Content will be accessible for staff who may be located in various parts of the country, or world. The online material accommodates various learning styles and have more variety than traditional seminars or PDF handouts. With the introduction of Generation Z into the workplace, your training method will appeal to their generation and provide a positive first impression on your new hires.


What elearning solutions and methods for employee learning and training does your company currently use? How do you fit in the innovative spectrum?


Mitchelle Boyle

Digital Marketing Specialist at Learnkit
Learnkit works with industry leading businesses and top academic institutions to create innovative custom elearning that delivers measurable, real world results
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