6 Reasons Why Earls Kitchen + Bar is Extraordinary

Earls Kitchen + Bar is not your average restaurant or employer. Innovation and improvement are truly at the core of everything they do. How they develop their people, craft their menu, and conduct their service, Earls is leading the way in organizational learning and development on all fronts. Earls believes in people living large, purposeful lives, filled with fun. They have created one of North America’s most beloved restaurant chains by mastering a recipe for success that people have fallen in love with.


As their elearning partner, we have learned a lot from working with them. They have a strong focus on their people growth and development. We are always impressed with their commitment to their culture (what they call the Earls Experience), values and passion for innovation. Together we’ve developed elearning that allows Earls to expand and share their recipe for success at an efficient and effective level through skills development, guest experience and technical training.


Here are 6 things we think make Earls really, really cool:


  1. They don’t have a typical “HR Department

They’ve taken an innovative approach to Human Resources through creating a People, Content and IT hybrid department. Earls’ People Operations department is the biggest department in their Headquarters and includes team members from myEarls (Earls’ intranet portal), IT Systems and People Solutions. This allows them to innovate quickly and efficiently with key talent and skills from each traditional department.



  1. They create a Total Earls Experience for every customer, every visit (and it is magical!)

The Earls Experience is their repeatable recipe for success and combines their unique ingredients of “magic”, “soul” and “logic”. The logic component covers the technical elements that guests expect when dining at a restaurant, such as ensuring customers are seated on time at a set table. Earls brings soul to their customer experiences through mastery of their menu offerings and the ability to create an exceptional dining experience. Finally, they add a touch of magic, the element that allows them to fulfill expressed and unexpressed wishes, special requests and those little additions that make a visit extraordinary.



  1. Everyone at Earls is an entrepreneur

Founded in 1982, they now have 7,000 partners (their term for “employees) and 64 locations. Throughout their growth they have preserved their family owned and operated authentic grassroots. The Fuller family founded Earls with a rich understanding and passion for innovation by providing the best ingredients and great service. Each location has the consistency of the Earls Experience, but with an authentic small business feel. Their partners share an “it’s your business mentality, which means they make decisions and act as if the business was their own.



  1. Their Santa Fe Chicken Salad, Baked Brie Sandwich, and Chicken+Wontons (to name our top three menu favourites!)

We love how much of an investment Earls makes in their culinary development team. They pride themselves in having fresh, globally-inspired dishes as well as menu staples. They invest heavily in culinary research and maintain a deep passion and dedication to the food on their menu. They even have quarterly week long tastings to test dishes and tweak them as needed to ensure the recipes are sound.



  1. At Earls #PeopleGrowHere

Earls cares about developing their people. People are the heart of their business and their partners are driven by continuous learning to become their best selves. To develop their leadership skills, all of their partners go through Earls’ leadership development programs. They also provide their people with continuous online training.



  1. They are leaders

They are always looking to stay ahead of the curve. In the premium casual dining industry and in their people initiatives, they focus on innovation and development. Whether it is delivering the most cutting edge learning experience to their people, cooking up new menu items, or redesigning the best way to structure their business – they inspire us, everyday.



These are just a few of the many things we think make Earls an outlier in their industry. We are so honored to have such incredible clients like Earls. We invite you to visit them soon!

Interested in learning more about the work we’ve done for them? Talk to us or read the Earls Elearning Journey.

Mitchelle Boyle

Digital Marketing Specialist at Learnkit
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