Employee Onboarding Made Easier with Elearning

Employee onboarding has always been one of the most exciting things a company can do, as they’re adding new team members to their roster. It’s usually a signal of growth, new ideas and great talent coming in. The challenge, however, is getting this talent onboarded in an efficient manner.

A lot of companies out there have been known to recruit large numbers of employees at one time – potentially 10 or more at once. The idea of onboarding is getting new employees to understand their new company’s culture, values, overall operating procedure, and potentially a significant portion of their specific new role as well. Since there’s a lot to learn, more and more companies have turned to elearning for their onboarding needs.


The following are three of the top ways that elearning can help companies onboard employees as efficiently as possible.


1. Time

In-person training can take time and effort. Not only would you need to create schedules, book trainers, rooms, and supplies, but you also have to ensure that all training materials are prepared and given to new hires. With elearning however, that prep time is essentially eliminated. There is no need to book spaces, trainers, find supplies or even print materials. It can all be done online and at a time which managers feel works for them.



2. Hands-on Experience

Elearning can create a hands-on simulation of any software that new hires would be using in their new roles. Whether it’s an email platform, company intranet, or a job-specific technology they would be responsible for using, elearning can give them that hands-on experience before they go live in their role.



3. Part of a Blended Learning Approach

One great feature of elearning is that it can compliment a live instructor, and make their material come to life. Live class instruction is great when there are lots of questions, and an individual can exhibit the culture of a company in-person. Elearning can help instructors by again cutting down on their prep time, letting learners follow along with their material in an online simulation, and can enhance the overall learning experience.


As elearning becomes more prevalent in the corporate training space, new-hire orientation is just one specific area of growth in online instruction. In many cases, it can compliment a live instructor, and in other cases it can be a stand-alone solution that helps companies streamline their new employee orientation. To find out more about elearning and new hire orientation, talk to us and we can help you map out what would work best for your organization.

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Mitchelle Boyle

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