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Improve Customer Success Training with Custom Elearning

In the SaaS industry, Customer Success has gone from being another Silicon Valley buzzword, to a weapon of choice for companies looking to increase their customer satisfaction. Customer Success reps are on the frontline, spending their time engaging with customers and acting as brand ambassadors for their companies.

The most successful Customer Success reps have the ability to not only educate and support their customers, but can also elevate the experience, by injecting company culture and core values into each of their interactions.

In the SaaS industry, a quality training program is an essential component for retaining high performing Customer Success teams. SaaS companies today are facing increased competition, high customer expectations, and constant changes to product and service offerings, making a high-performing Customer Success team essential for ongoing success.

One of the best ways to address challenges within Customer Success teams is to deliver a consistent, high-quality training program. When setting up a training strategy for your SaaS organization, the help of an experienced elearning development partner can make a huge difference in the effectiveness of your training courses and the return on investment they provide.

Here are 3 ways, Custom Elearning can Improve Customer Success Training:

1. Provide a Hands-on training experience:

An elearning program can create hands-on simulation of any software that new Customer Success reps would be using in their new roles. Whether it’s help desk software, an email platform, or a CRM system, elearning gives new hires the ability to familiarize themselves with new tools before they are on the frontlines interacting with customers. This gives new Customer Success reps the ability to focus less on software and more on creating an exceptional customer experiences.

2. Shorten the Time to Productivity Gap:

With a consistent, high-velocity training program in place, new Customer Success reps can go into customer interactions fully equipped with information and essential product or service knowledge, required for them to excel in their roles. Investing in a proper onboarding and pre-onboarding program, can reduce “first day” stresses and engage new hires before they start in their new positions. This allows new Customer Success reps to gain productivity faster while shortening their ramp-up time.

3. Increase Job Satisfaction and Morale among Employees:

A quality training program allows Customer Success reps to become more efficient and better equipped to effectively interact with their customers. This allows them to better approach difficult customer situations and can in many cases, reduce the amount of dissatisfied, angry customers. Happier customers means happier CS reps that are engaged and content, while at work.


Delivering a quality training program, can have an impact on the effectiveness of new Customer Success hires and have a huge influence on the performance of Customer Success departments within an organization. If you’re a SaaS company experiencing rapid growth, partnering with a custom elearning development company like Learnkit, can provide both departmental and organizational benefits that give your SaaS company a competitive edge.


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Mitchelle Boyle

Digital Marketing Specialist at Learnkit
Learnkit works with industry leading businesses and top academic institutions to create innovative custom elearning that delivers measurable, real world results
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