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Creating Memorable Customer Experiences will Save your Retail Location

When I was in highschool one of my favourite things to do was go to the mall to shop with my mom and friends. Even though my small babysitting budget limited my big ticket purchases, it was still a fun, social activity that I always looked forward to. Today, the mall is a place that I try to avoid. The mall hasn’t changed much and it’s not a dreadful place to be but with the growing popularity of online shopping and how convenient it is, it can be tough to justify making a trip.

Shifts in the way people shop, and other factors including increased competition from fast-fashion retailers and big box department stores, are forcing many retailers to close their doors. I’ve seen many of my favourite brands from high-school closing a number of their locations and can’t help but feel a bit nostalgic.

The importance of maximizing every customer interaction has never been more important. When customers opt for an in-person shopping experience over online shopping, they are able to take advantage of the benefits of having customer service associates to help them through their experience. A positive interaction at a retail location can put a smile on your face, maybe even turn a bad day around, and leave you feeling incredibly positive about the respective brand. It can be a win-win for both the shopper and the retailer if employees are knowledgeable and confident in the product they are selling.

What are the retailers who are opening new locations and expanding across the globe doing differently? Although we see many retailers having to close their doors, there are also many successful retail brands who are growing and experiencing success in their retail locations. They are most likely brands that leave their customers not only feeling happy about their experience, but also leaving with purchases in hand. They are maximizing the interactions they have with the customers not only online, but also in-person through their sales associates. At a basic level these successful companies selling their brand and doing a great job of selling it!

Sales associates can be a tool in helping grow sales, but they need to have the right tools available to them to be successful. They not only need to have the product knowledge, but they need to understand their company’s brand and culture. This is where providing employees with highly personalized, customized and effective training can mean the difference between happy customers who spend and unhappy customers who leave empty handed.


What does a highly effective retail program include?

It embraces your brand — culture, people, what do you do and why are you different? People are a reflection of your brand


It teaches your associates how to sell – educating your customers, being knowledgeable about the product and experts in what they’re selling


It’s fun! An employee’s experience with training is often one of their first experiences with your brand. You want them to have fun and be excited to get on the floor and promote a product they are passionate about. By making your training program engaging you are making it effective!


Want to learn more about how Learnkit has worked with top retailers to provide highly engaging and effective digital learning to aid in their approach to employee learning? Contact us!


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Mitchelle Boyle

Digital Marketing Specialist at Learnkit
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