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Training and Development: A must-have employee benefit?

We’ve all heard the saying “Money doesn’t buy happiness” but can this statement be true to the workplace and employee engagement? When thinking about job benefits, the first thing that comes to my mind is compensation or vacation time but is employee education and ongoing training, a new “must-have” employee benefit?

A recent survey conducted by Towers Watson, showed that learning and development opportunities ranked among the top five reasons an employee would be attracted to a new organization. But why? Why is training and development so important to employees? And what’s in it for them?

To help answer these questions, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 benefits that training and development programs can provide employees:

Increase employee performance and efficiency:

A proper training program gives employees the knowledge they need to be successful in their roles, this increases their productivity and overall quality of work. Ongoing training and development helps employees increase their skill-set, allowing them to gain more work-relevant knowledge and experience.

Increased job satisfaction:

A more successful employee is a happier employee! Higher levels of knowledge and expertise can lead to better performance. This increases employee morale and overall job satisfaction.

Increased employee value:

An employee who is always learning is constantly gaining new skills. Ongoing training and development gives employees the ability to increase their productivity and take on more responsibilities, allowing them to go above and beyond their job descriptions.

Promote positions from within:

Developing an existing employee’s skills allows them to grow into leaders in their roles and departments. Ongoing training and development programs give employees the skills and leadership training they need, to move into senior positions and management roles within their companies.

Create a learning culture:

Providing training and development programs allows companies to create a culture of learning and ongoing education. This fosters collaboration and innovation, making everyone feel like their voices are heard.



Investing in employee training and development has a number of benefits for both employees and the organizations that employ them. Today’s professionals are looking for more than just a paycheque, they are looking for positions that give them training to gain new knowledge and expand their skill-set. Do you consider training and development an important employee benefit? Let us know in the comments below!

Mitchelle Boyle

Digital Marketing Specialist at Learnkit
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