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Personalized Learning: What is it and What are its Benefits?

Personalized Learning is a common buzzword in today’s education industry. There’s no shortage of studies, interviews, and articles praising its effectiveness. With all the buzz, it can be difficult to fully understand what personalized learning is and how you can effectively use it.

What is it?

Personalized Learning is a form of education that’s built around your learner. It uses their interests, inspirations, and learning needs to build targeted content that is engaging and effective. It breaks the mold of traditional “one size fits all” education by creating a learner-centered learning environment.

What are the Benefits?

Adaptable and Flexible Learning
With personalized learning, the pace of learning is controlled by your learner’s needs. They have the ability to quickly move through lessons they are confident with and take their time reviewing lessons that are more complex.

Create Learning that Drives Higher Engagement
With personalized learning, you’re able to create educational content that is built around your learner and tailored to their learning style, making the overall experience much more enjoyable.

Cater to Multiple Learning Styles
One of the biggest benefits of personalized learning is the ability to build learning that is built to meet different learning styles. Instructors are able to use multiple delivery methods to present educational content in unique and engaging ways.

Ways to Create Microlearning?

– Microlearning
– Blended Learning
– Pre-Learning
– Simulation
– Gamification
– Video
– Animation

Personalized Learning gives your learners a customized learning experience, breaking the mold of traditional education. Building learning that is directly tailored to your learner creates a more engaging, effective classroom that delivers a higher quality educational experience.

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