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3 Benefits Digital Assessments can bring to your organization

Every organization, team and individual needs feedback in order to improve and minimize business risks. To give helpful feedback, you need to be able to assess strengths and weaknesses to identify opportunities for growth. When employees are learning new skills and taking on new responsibilities, it’s important to ensure they are going to be successful on the job by assessing their knowledge. However, many organizations are not effective in their approach to employee evaluations and training assessments.

Employers, training and development professionals and educators alike, are practicing outdated tactics for evaluating their people’s knowledge. When asked how most organizations are assessing their employee training programs, many respond with standardized question and answer tests.

But with the growing digitally literate population and an increasing number of organizations adopting elearning as a more effective way to train their people, digital assessments are increasingly becoming a more viable option.

Here are 3 benefits of adopting digital assessments in your organization:

Gauge an employee’s understanding and abilities
Digital assessment gives an educator or trainer greater visibility into how effective their training materials are. With full visibility into results, trainers can continuously improve learner retention and the effectiveness of their training programs. Digital assessments give trainers the ability to keep track of learners having difficulties understanding training materials and provide additional coaching.

Improve Employee Performance and Confidence
Digital assessments help reinforce a learner’s own confidence and abilities while encouraging self-reflection. This method of assessment is often learner-centered, giving them the ability to ensure they fully understand new concepts and retain new knowledge. Once training and assessments are completed, learners have a greater understanding of new training materials, allowing them to perform better and with greater confidence.

Cost-effective for Employers
Moving to digital assessments can be extremely cost effective for employers. Since tests and assessments are often submitted to a learning management system, the time spent marking is essentially gone. With digital assessments, employers are able to easily track the effectiveness of employee learning programs and ensure that active assessments are aligned with their company’s learning objectives. This allows companies to reduce the amount of time and money spent on trainers. And trainers are given the ability to better focus on providing quality training experiences.

If your organization is looking to adopt digital assessments, Learnkit can help! At Learnkit, we work with companies to build custom employee training programs that include digital assessments. Our custom training is proven to provide learners with quality training and assessment programs that are built for them to excel in their roles and performance.


Mitchelle Boyle

Digital Marketing Specialist at Learnkit
Learnkit works with industry leading businesses and top academic institutions to create innovative custom elearning that delivers measurable, real world results
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