Academic Custom Elearning

Transform your traditional classroom-based learning by stepping into the possibilities of online education.

Custom higher education elearning that unleashes student potential.

Advances in technology and education theory afford us the opportunity to create entirely new learning experiences to drive student outcomes. At Learnkit, we transform traditional classroom lectures and materials into high-quality online learning that is engaging, interactive and maximizes retention and application. Let us help guide your institution’s transition to creating remarkable elearning that takes students to the next level.

Expand learning horizons through digital education.

We partner with top universities and colleges to expand the limits of traditional learning through the power of quality elearning. Our instructional designers are educators first that have years of experience working with ministries of education, vocational schools, and academics across the globe. Our pedagogical approach focuses on student learning outcomes, and enhances the learning experience through technology.

  • Responsive learning environment that anticipates student concerns
  • Content structured to maintain sound academic principles
  • Theoretical, practical, and task-based learning
  • Maximize ability of students to retain and apply knowledge

Reach new heights with your academic programs.

We specially design courses that allow you to reach a broader audience of students by leveraging the power of digital education. Eliminate scheduling conflicts, reduce enrollment challenges and provide rich learning experiences for students, regardless of their location. Bring your institution into the global spotlight by offering the best in online learning.

Create new courses for a global audience

Adapt existing in-person courses for an online environment

Develop supplementary learning modules for current students

Translation and localization of courses to reach international audiences

Learn more about how we can amplify the potential of your academic courses.

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