Elearning Development Process

We are positioned to deliver projects large and small, and pride ourselves in our ability to rapidly produce high-quality, tailor-made solutions through our agile elearning development process.

We approach every elearning project with three primary goals in mind:


Learning objectives and outcomes align with measurable key performance indicators to ensure positive impact.


Focus on the learner to incorporate individual learning styles, level of language proficiency, prior experience with subject matter, and maximize the ability to internalize learning in order to take action.


Reduce development time without sacrificing quality of learning solution.

Agile Collaboration and Rapid Development

Creating elearning courses can be a lengthy and time consuming process. We follow a nimble project management philosophy to increase the quality of education and decrease development time. Each elearning projects is broken into small milestones within each of the phases outlined below:

Analysis Phase

Design Phase

Development Phase

Alpha Testing Phase

Beta Testing Phase

Commitment to Excellence

We are diligent in our approach to ensure a high quality of education that achieves the desired learning outcomes. We invest heavily in quality control in both content efficacy and technological error testing.

In addition to testing content on an ongoing basis, we make the following commitment to quality control:

  • Implement quality assurance best practices when designing courses
  • Alpha level testing performed by project team
  • Beta level testing performed by test group

Let’s work together!

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