Learncycle Pedagogy

Learnkit’s proven Learncycle pedagogy improves learner engagment and knowledge retention.

People learn best when content can be absorbed in short, manageable pieces. To help learners achieve high knowledge retention levels, Learnkit deploys lessons through a series of online learning cycles.

Learncycles provide the same support and natural progression that learners would experience in an in-person environment while taking advantage of everything the online learning environment has to offer. Each module or lesson is composed of several learning cycles, a review, and an assessment.

Cycle Introduction

Content is introduced and learning outcomes clarified.

Activate Prior Knowledge

Students are made to think about their previous experiences with subject matter and/or visualize what is to come.

New Learning

New content is provided. Short segmented pieces of content help improve student engagement and retention.

Consolidation Questions

Quizzes are provided to help students check their understanding and personalize their new knowledge.

Confidence Check

Students are given a quick review of the cycle and are provided with additional help if they rate their confidence too low.

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