Learnkit F.A.Qs

You have elearning questions, we have answers.

What is elearning?

In short, elearning is educational concepts delivered through digital means. Elearning leverages the latest in technology to create meaningful, engaging and enjoyable educational experiences that maximize an individual’s ability to learn, retain, and apply new knowledge. For a deeper dive into the question, check out our blog post What is elearning? to learn more.

What are the advantages of elearning vs. instructor led training?

There are many advantages of elearning to instructor led training (ILT). Elearning provides a cost-effective and scalable way to train and develop employees and students. Modern elearning, when done correctly, allows us to personalize learning experiences to cater to all learning styles, adjust the pace for the learner, enable mass customization, and deliver scalable, localizable learning that aligns learning outcomes to business drivers to track measurable ROI. For more information, see the top 10 advantages of elearning to ILT.

What is competency-based learning?

Competency-based learning is an approach to teaching and learning that focuses on concrete, specific skills, rather than general, abstract learning. This can be achieved through custom elearning development. Learn more about Corporate Custom Elearning.

What is competency management?

A system used to evaluate current strengths and needs within an organization and then implement the necessary corrective actions. Many organizations use elearning to quickly find and close the gaps in employee skills and knowledge. Our custom elearning solutions help organizations uncover skills gaps and fast track employee learning to improve performance.

How do elearning assessments work?

In elearning, student progress can be evaluated using multiple choice questions, essays, case studies or technical simulations. The terms testing and quizzing aren’t used as much in online education. Book an elearning demo to learn more.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning is a combination of both in-person, traditional in-class learning and digital, online learning. Find out more about using a blended approach for your corporate training by booking a demo with us.

Why is asynchronous learning important?

Asynchronous means interaction that does not take place in real time. Examples of asynchronous elearning can include but are not limited to online learning using an elearning course or visiting an elearning portal. We use asynchronous learning extensively because it allows the learner to access the information at their own pace and at their own convenience. See our elearning examples to find out more about how asynchronous learning has helped other organizations.

Why outsource elearning?

As a full service elearning agency, we are able to work as an extension of any corporate team to produce innovative and specialized learning solutions that align with their unique brand and culture, and are tied to strategic business objectives. We offer similar benefits reaped by an internal marketing department outsourcing their creative to a high-quality advertising agency. Trying to bring the same level of expertise and experience in-house can be very expensive, timely and often internal teams don’t have the resources to develop elearning at the pace and standard of excellence their business needs. Through our unique approach to elearning development, our specialized digital learning experts work with in-house teams to rapidly produce tailor-made elearning solutions that take advantage of the latest and greatest of online learning experiences. For more see our blog post on outsourcing elearning development.


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